Delivering Projects On Time and On Budget

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The first step is to perform an automation assessment.

It’s important to work on the right problem in the right order. We’ll conduct an automation assessment by reviewing your production process, layout, and workflows. A timing study finds the bottlenecks. A cost analysis determines the most profitable areas to automate.

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Gather the known requirements, specify your goals and key metrics.

The next step is to educate ourselves on your needs and goals. We do this from your perspective, taking time to understand your requirements. During this phase, we develop key metrics to use throughout the project. This ensures we keep focused on delivering the intended value, throughout the project lifecycle.

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Conduct a comprehensive financial analysis and return on investment study.

We look at all the financial impacts of automation such as increased throughput, changes and reductions in workforce, and reducing material waste. We quantify these to calculate ROI, payback period, and the long term profitability of the project. We also consider qualitative measures like ‘alignment towards a digital strategy’ and ‘better jobs.’

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Develop a preliminary concept followed by a detailed design.

Our diverse team of engineers generate creative ideas and bring them to reality through rapid prototyping and simulations. We’ll model your production lines in 3D CAD software. We use augmented reality (AR) and 3D printing to get your feedback early and often.

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The complexity of the system is hidden behind a user-friendly interface.

The system may be complex but the user interface is simple. We design every system with a non-technical user in mind. Intuitive, clean dashboards make tracking key metrics (such as waste product) easy. Descriptive alarms and warnings reduce downtime and speed-up troubleshooting.

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When it comes to safety, we don’t mess around.

Rest assured your system will meet the highest level of safety. We do an exhaustive risk assessment for every robotic system. We are in compliance with CSA-Z434-14 (Robotics Safety), CSA C22.1 (Electrical), ANSI Z136.9 (Laser Safety) and certified by EGBC’s Organizational Quality Management (OQM) standard.

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Dependable up-time and exceptional quality is our status quo.

Through our network of partner vendors and trusted Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), we source premium quality components. Additionally, through comprehensive factory and onsite testing, we consistently achieve uptimes above 95%.

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Extensive factory testing followed by rigorous onsite testing.

During the testing phase, we confirm that the system has met (and exceeded) the requirements and key metrics that were developed. In our factory, we test each sub-assembly on its own before integrating with the system as a whole. Once onsite, our performance testing will ensure your system is production-ready.

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Ongoing support and training, long after installation.

We provide training both in our factory and onsite. We’ll make sure your team is comfortable running and maintaining your high-tech equipment. Each system can be accessed remotely by our team of engineers to quickly diagnose and fix issues. For the rare times we are needed onsite, we’ve got you covered. Check our our service offerings page for more details.