Laminated Veneer Lumber is produced in wide continuous panels of pressed wood strands and adhesive. The finished thickness and surface slope of the panel ultimately affects the quality of the laminated veneer lumber sawn from the panel. Real time measurement of the panel thickness across the 110 inch width is required for accurate press control and ultimate product quality and yield.


A pair of Large Field of View 3D Caliper laser triangulation sensors were installed downstream of the Laminated Veneer Continuous press to provide real time feedback and control of the press operating parameters. Two Caliper Sensors were installed above and below the panel conveyor with coincident laser planes providing true differential measurement of panel thickness across the 120 inch field of view with accuracy of 0.010 inches.


6-12 months through improved yield and quality.



Caliper D120x2z Caliper 120x2z
Scan Rate (hz) 200 800
X 0.080 inches (2 mm)
Z 0.010 inches (0.25 mm) 0.001 inches (0.025 mm)
Field of View  
X 118 inches (3000 mm)
Z 2 inches (50 mm)
Stand Off 55 inches (1400 mm)
Laser 100mW 632nm
Dimensions 48x6x4 inches (1220x152x100mm)
Weight 65 lb (30 kg)
Power Power Over Ethernet 48vdc 750mA
Communication Gigabit Ethernet

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